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Summer before your freshman year- What you should have done.

I wish I would have…….


Okay guys! It’s the summer before your freshman year. Its agonizingly long because you can’t wait to head off to college, it’s also painfully short because you know that  this is the last summer of your childhood. The hours are slow but the weeks are fast and before you know it you are trying to fit everything you own into one car, parting ways with some of your closest friends and starting a new and exciting chapter of your life.  So, what’s on your summer after high school bucket list? What are your “Must Do’s” before leaving home (possibly for good)?

I’m going to throw this question out there to those who have just gone through it-

College Students-

What do you wish you would have done during the summer before your freshman year? These incoming freshmen need all the help they can get- let’s make sure they arrive on campus with no regrets!0523l

We’ll pick a few of our favorite comments and message you to send you a gift card of your choosing!



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