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My State School is Better Than Yours

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Many may not realize that our great commonwealth is home to fourteen state owned schools. The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) provides higher education for more students than all of the private institutions combined.  There was a time when a state school had a bad reputation, however, the state schools in PA have been doing a great job of providing an exceptional education at an affordable price for years.  This article is going to spotlight some of the great features that these schools offer, and hopefully clear up some misconceptions about state schools in general.


In alphabetical order our PA state schools are: Bloomsburg, California University of PA, Cheyney, Claion, East Stroudsburg, Edinboro, Indiana, Kutztown, Lock Haven, Mansfield, Millersville, Shippensburg, Slippery Rock, and West Chester.  The PASSHE board is comprised of members appointed by the governor.   Penn State, Temple, Lincoln, and University of Pittsburg comprise the Commonwealth System of Higher Education, these are separate from the governing bodies of State Schools.Sign_for_College_Hall_during_a_snowstorm_at_Smith_College


Tuition at PA state schools is $7.060 per year (2015-2016), this cost is for in-state students only. Out of state students may pay anywhere from $7,413- $17,650 per year. Room and board fees vary from school to school.

Acceptance Rates:  State schools end up on a lot of students “safety” school list.  It is true that overall state schools do tend to have higher acceptance rates. A school’s reputation in a certain area might make it more difficult to gain acceptance.  West Chester has a very competitive acceptance rate at 51% this is because it has a close proximity to a major metropolitan area (Philadelphia) and offers access to internships at world class institutions. When applying you must do your homework and see what the reputation is in your particular area of interest.

State School Acceptance Rate
Bloomsburg 63%
California U of PA 59%
Cheyney 87.8
Clarion 79%
East Stroudsburg 81%
Edinboro 75%
Indiana 58%
Kutztown 68%
Lock Haven 61%
Mansfield 69%
Millersville 63%
Shippensburg 81%
Slippery Rock 61%
West Chester 51%


Honors programs: Each of these state schools also boasts an Honors Program.  Entry into the honors program often earns you the ability to register early for your classes, have preferential rooming in honors dorms, and earn you honors status which unlocks additional resources and opportunities for networking. Admission into the honors programs is very competitive but well worth it.suit_businessman

Networking: State Schools are typically larger, which means that the alumni network includes tens of thousands of people.  Many of these alums take an active role in providing internships and paving the way for future graduates to rub shoulders with prospective employers.

In conclusion, PA state schools offer a great educational value for your money.  What benefits you reap really come down to whether or not you take advantage of what the school has to offer.  There are excellent opportunities, knowledgeable staff, and world class internships.

For more information about a PA state school, or for help in deciding where to apply, call the knowledgeable staff at College Counseling Service of Pennsylvania 1-888-524-1958



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