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Package Options
1. Freshman/ Sophomore Package:  CCSofPA feels strongly that it is never too early to begin preparing for college. In most cases we will need to meet in-person with freshmen and sophomores one or two times per year. In this package, we will:
  • Review your academic record and make recommendations for an appropriate college preparatory course load based on your high school’s offerings
  • Discuss the value of extracurricular involvement
  • Help you find enriching summer activities
  • Make test preparation recommendations
  • Provide appropriate recommendations based on learning styles
2. Comprehensive Package: CCSofPA believes that decisions made during the junior and senior year of high school are critically important. If you do not make appropriate choices you may limit yourself when if comes to selecting the best-fit college. We anticipate meeting with students seven to ten times during the course of their junior and senior year in person, on the phone, or via Skype. In this package we will:
  • Conduct our initial intake meeting to help us determine the most appropriate path to take to help you and your family through the college selection process
  • Develop a calendar to make sure you meet the application deadlines of identified schools (CCSofPA does not mail any applications)
  • Administer a battery of personality inventories to help you better determine the best college fit
  • Make suggestions regarding  senior year course scheduling
  • Recommend a timeline for the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and ACT
  • Communicate regularly with student and parents throughout the application process
  • Develop a list of schools that match the characteristics identified by the student’s family.
  • Help choose essay topics and outline essays as well as proofread student-prepared writings
  • Assist in correspondence with college offices and special-interest faculty
  • Prepare for effective college visits and interviews through sample questions and mock interviews
  • Prepare students and families for what to expect during the first year of college
3. List Package: The list package is for students who have begun their college search, but are having difficulty narrowing down their options to select the “right fit.” This package typically spans three or four meetings with the student either in person, on the phone, or via Skype.  In this package, we will:
  • Review prior academic accomplishment including high school transcripts, SAT/ACT test scores
  • Identify academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Conduct appropriate personality inventories to determine the type of college that would best suit the student and their interests
  • Compile an appropriate preliminary list of “best fit”colleges, with consideration to social and academic comfort, geographic location, and financial need
4. Mini Packages: Our Mini Packages are for students who have a very specific area of need. The mini package is designed for students and parents who have a good sense of where they are applying, but are just overwhelmed by a specific area of the application process.  We have selected several of the most confusing components of the application process, and developed an individual program for each.
  • Application Mini: College Counseling Services of Pennsylvania will walk you through the common application, as well as any school-specific application criteria. We will screen your application to ensure that it is polished and accurate.
  • Essay Mini: College Counseling Services of Pennsylvania will walk you through the essay process from brainstorming for topics all the way through editing your final copy. We employ a team of writing specialists. Masters degree-holding English professionals who have extensive experience screening essays for grammatical correctness.
  • Mock Interview & College Visit Mini: Your in-person interactions with college admissions personnel are very important components of your acceptance. It is imperative that you use your time on campus to allow admissions counselors to see the real you.  In this Mini Package we provide students with important tips to help them succeed in the college interview. We role-play with students to help reduce their anxiety on interview day and to help them have meaningful interactions during tours and informational sessions.
There is a $200 fee for our initial consultation.  The initial consultation fee will be deducted from the total package amount.
Same grade siblings receive 50% off of their package
Younger siblings receive 30% off of their package
Active military families receive 15% off of their package

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